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Tonton Garby:
The Best Sandwich Shop in Belgium

by Katie McCabe  |  @awelltraveledpair  |  August 29th, 2021

Sometimes while traveling, there's a dining experience that becomes so much more than just a meal. 

During our first visit to Belgium, John and I were strolling around Brussels' Grand Place, and we started looking for somewhere to get lunch. As we slowly walked past an unassuming sandwich shop, the owner waved hello to us with the kindest smile on his face. We decided to take a look at the menu, and we quickly became overwhelmed with the large selection of sandwiches. The owner, 'Tonton' Garby introduced himself, and he offered to help. He began asking us questions about what kinds of foods we like and dislike, and he said that he wanted to make us each a sandwich based on our preferences, and if we weren't satisfied, he would gladly refund our money. We were intrigued by his confidence to make us 'the best sandwich ever', so we happily obliged. 

While Tonton was making our sandwiches, he told us about his shop and why he thinks cheese is the key to happiness. Something we definitely couldn't argue with. His friendly demeanor and lovely outlook on life were so great to see, and we could tell that he really loves what he does. He puts so much heart and effort into each and every sandwich, and I think that's what makes them so amazing. Using ingredients, such as pear, honey, chorizo, and, of course, cheese, Tonton creates a one of a kind edible masterpiece. 

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We were so satisfied with our sandwiches, and because of Tonton, we left with our stomachs and our hearts full. If you're planning a trip to Belgium, do yourself a favor and stop by Tonton Garby for the cheese sandwich experience of a lifetime. You won't regret it. 

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