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8 Foods You Must Eat While Visiting Oahu

by Katie McCabe  |  @awelltraveledpair  |  January 28th, 2019

One of my favorite things to do while visiting Oahu is eat. From touristy spots to local favorites, I've listed my eight top dishes, and where to find them. Be sure to try as many as possible during your trip to this gorgeous island paradise. 

Kono's Biscuits & Gravy Bomber (Honolulu)

This delectable breakfast dish is my favorite way to start the day on Oahu. Filled with eggs, bacon, biscuits, and sausage gravy, Kono's most popular 'bomber' is a must-try. On my latest trip, I ate it five mornings in a row, no joke! It's incredible, and so are their other menu items. It's no surprise that Kono's is a local favorite - the food rocks! 

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Garlic Shrimp from Giovanni's Shrimp Truck (North Shore)

Jumbo shrimp sautéed in butter and garlic, two scoops of white sticky rice, and homemade cole slaw - need I say more? Ok, I'll say just a little more. Giovanni's is an Oahu staple. What was once a modest food truck has now become one of the most popular places to eat on the island. Tourists and locals line up, sometimes all the way down the road, to enjoy the mouth-watering dishes. Giovanni's really is that good!

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Dole Plantation's Dole Whip (North Shore)

What better way to cool off from the hot Hawaiian sun than with a freshly-made Dole Whip. This world-famous pineapple soft serve is so light and creamy, it's easy to see why it's so popular. The Dole Plantation is the best place to get it, however, it is also found in markets all over Waikiki.

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Fish Tacos from Duke's (Waikiki)

Beachside dining, live music, and some of the best fish tacos you'll ever taste is what you'll get at Duke's. Named after the well-known Duke Kahanamoku, Duke's restaurant encompasses the spirit of Hawaii. Located on Waikiki Beach, guests enjoy great food, great drinks, and a great atmosphere. 

Other notable menu items: Slow Roasted Prime Rib, Coconut Shrimp, Mai Tai's, and Hula Pie.

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Tamura's Poke Bowls (Lanikai & Honolulu)

If you only eat one thing while visiting Oahu, poke is what it should be. And Tamura's Fine Wine & Liquors is where you should get it. This Native Hawaiian dish consists of diced raw ahi tuna, and a mix of fruits, vegetables, and sauces. Tamura's no doubt has the best on the island. Sure, it's a little odd getting poke from an unassuming liquor store, but trust me - it's fantastic! 

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Shave Ice from Uncle Clay's (Honolulu)

The dessert of Hawaii? Shave ice, of course! This unique treat takes dessert to another level. Creamy, homemade ice cream mixed with shave ice that has been sweetened with fruit syrup is what you get at Uncle Clay's House of Pure Aloha. The best part? Uncle Clay's only uses locally grown fruits and all-natural fruit syrups. No artificial sweeteners whatsoever. Now that's a dessert I could get used to!

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Malasadas from Leonard's (Honolulu)

I had no idea what a malasada was, so when my Airbnb reservation had me staying next door to Leonard's Bakery, I knew I had to find out. This Hawaiian speciality is like a doughnut but even better. Balls of dough are lightly fried, filled with custard, chocolate (called Dobash), or coconut cream (called Haupia), and then rolled in cinnamon, sugar, or both! It's hard to describe just how delicious malasadas are, so it's best to go try one for yourself. 

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Imperial Rolls from Hale Vietnam (Honolulu)

If you want authentically prepared imperial rolls, you usually have to travel to Vietnam. But on Oahu, Hale Vietnam does it the right way! Wrapped in rice paper, stuffed with crab and pork, and fried to perfection, these signature rolls are delectable.

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