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10 Sights You Must See in Scotland

by Katie McCabe | @awelltraveledpair | May 14th, 2019

Scotland is the land of kilt-wearing Highlanders, bagpipes, moody castles, and one infamous Loch Ness monster. If you have yet to visit this mystical nation, it's time to book the trip. Not sure where to start? I've got you covered! Below are ten sights that every Scotland traveler must see.


Edinburgh is the perfect mix of old and new. This eclectic city captivates nearly every traveler with its fascinating architecture and charm. From Old Town's medieval nooks and crannies to New Town's neoclassical design, this city beckons to be discovered.

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Often times overshadowed by the enthralling Edinburgh, Glasgow is more than just Scotland's capital. What was once a run-down, crime-ridden city is now blossoming with art, culture, and history. Whether you're exploring naval museums, art galleries, or just wandering the streets soaking up the intricate architecture, Glasgow is definitely a place you don't want to miss.

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Glencoe is an area of Scotland that consists of deep valleys and towering mountains. Centuries ago, fiery volcanos and icy glaciers formed this other-worldly landscape and what remains today is nothing short of breathtaking scenery. So breathtaking, in fact, films such as Braveheart, Harry Potter, and James Bond were filmed here. 

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Glenfinnan Viaduct

All aboard Hogwarts Express! No muggles allowed! If you're a fan of Harry Potter, then this next spot will surely excite you. Serving as inspiration for J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series, Glenfinnan Viaduct is better known in the books/movies as the bridge that takes Harry, Hermione, Ron, and friends to the Hogwarts School via the Hogwarts Express train. If you're not a fan of the series, you'll still appreciate the beauty of this masterpiece. For a little more in-depth look, the Jacobite offers round-trip train rides from Fort William to Mallaig and crosses over Glenfinnan Viaduct twice.

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Eilean Donan Castle

Located in the Scotland Highlands, Eilean Donan is a stunning 13th century castle built in a setting fit for a fairytale. On its own private island, surrounded by majestic scenery, the castle is at a point where three great sea lochs meet - Loch Dutch, Loch Long, and Loch Alsh. No need to worry though, Loch Ness, the home of Scotland's legendary Loch Ness Monster is over 50 miles away. 

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Old Man of Storr

Rolling green hills, spiky pinnacles, and an abundance of hikers fill the mystical landscape that is Old Man of Storr. Located on Scotland's famous Isle of Skye, the Storr is the number one attraction on the isle, and it's easy to see why. It is truly breathtaking. The hike isn't for the faint of heart, but the epic views are certainly worth the sweat.

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Located just twenty minutes north of Old Man of Storr, Quiraing offers dramatic cliffs, steep hills, and life-changing views. It often takes a backseat to Old Man of Storr but I can assure you, both are equally jaw-dropping, and worth a visit.

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Kilt Rock

Set off the road, between Old Man of Storr and Quiraing, is the remarkable Kilt Rock. Made up of basalt columns and sandstone, the nearly 300 foot rock wall resembles a pleated kilt. If that wasn't enough to make you swoon, the impressive Mealt Waterfall plummets down the side of the rock to the dramatic ocean below. 

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Brother's Point

Just five minutes from Kilt Rock, is the frequently-overlooked Brother's Point. This hidden gem is one of the most underrated sights on the Isle of Skye. I'm not sure why it hasn't gain the notoriety it deserves, but we surely didn't mind having this beautiful place practically all to ourselves. 

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Serving as the gateway to the spectacular Isle of Skye, Portree is the isle's largest town. With an abundance of restaurants, shops, and accommodations, this adorable spot is a great place to visit, or stay, when visiting the Skye's gorgeous sights. 

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